“Dance isn't about the Goal, but about the Journey. Ultimately, I believe there isn't a goal... that would mean that there is an End. Dance, much like life, is a continuous process of learning and growing.”

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At the Dance in Motion studio, we teach many different styles of dance classes to varying age groups and experience levels. For more information or to register visit the following links:

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Dance Programs

If you’re new to our dance community this is a great place to start finding out about the various disciplines featured at our Abbotsford studio, Dance in Motion.

We offer both competitive and recreational dance classes, plus special and seasonal programs. Students can take dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, acro, hip hop, musical theatre, and more.
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From Tiny Twos to Adult Classes, we often have special performances and upcoming events. Check back here often to see what we’re up to or visit our events page!
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