Welcome to Dance in Motion, a leader in dance education.  Composed of a highly certified faculty, Dance in Motion works hard to develop dancers full of passion, integrity, confidence and strength.  We realize that dance is an art form that is constantly evolving and breaking new ground and we take great pride in being part of such a fantastic community.  The faculty at Dance in Motion is highly trained and experienced.  They take great pride in sharing their expertise with all our students, from the tiniest beginner dancer to the most seasoned performer. Dance in Motion offers dance classes for all ages and abilities, from preschoolers to adults and all those in between.

Our Dance Studio

Abbotsford Dance Class Studio - Dance In Motion

Dance in Motion opened its doors in 1986 in Abbotsford, BC.  Since then, Dance in Motion has developed into a major performing arts facility and is proud to have its very own Youth Dance Company… MOTIVATION by Dance in Motion. MOTIVATION consists of 7 different levels:  Emerald, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Jade, Quartz and Topaz /Onyx, plus their very own Acro Team!  Dance in Motion’s vision is always moving forward and continually striving in its growth and development of young dancers.

Dance in Motion is proud to have sent dancers to the BC Provincial level and throughout North America to have them perform, compete and take classes with master teachers.  New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii & Disneyland are just a few of the locations to which our students have traveled.

The faculty at Dance in Motion come from all kinds of dance backgrounds and are experienced professionals training and working inside the dance industry. Our teachers strive to give the students their very best instruction as well as creating an atmosphere of disciplined fun.

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Mission Statement

Dance in Motion aims to nurture and develop the dancer’s passion, integrity, confidence and strength in the performing arts.


To provide a service to the community and to be known and respected for its outstanding standards in the field of dance education.


To be a dance studio where:

  • Students can develop physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally and socially through the discipline of dance.
  • Every child has the ability to learn in an environment that is safe, secure and harmonious.
  • Every child is treated equally regardless of talent, sex, or financial background.
  • Dance educators take on the role of mentors rather than friends or buddies, maintain a professional relationship with their students and parents, and are reliable, responsible and inspiring.
  • All faculty members are team players and consistency within the school is maintained.