Before going to Dance in Motion, dance was just dance. More lows than highs. Dance in Motion has given my daughter a sense of belonging to team of friends, almost like a family. Not only has her dance technique improved more than words can say, she continues to strive to get better and reach levels that were once believed to be unachievable. She has more confidence than she has ever had in dance and in her everyday life at school, with friends, at home or when we are out at various places. Her love of dance has grown so much, she wants to dance more, continue developing her technique, and learn more from the amazing group of teachers at the studio. Dance in Motion is fair! At Dance in Motion it is not about winning….. It’s about dancing well and feeling good about how you danced! ~Shelley Howe


I in fact LOVE DIM! I grew up dancing at a young age and it was not until I stepped foot into DIM that I realized that I could continue to dance after graduating. I was surrounded by the most passionate/caring teachers and students and it made for an incredible learning environment. When I look back on my “high school days” it is my time at DIM that stands out to me, not high school haha. I am now going onto my 8th year of working professionally as a dancer and firmly believe I would not be where I am today without the love, support and guidance of the incredible teachers and students at DIM past and present. Thank you DIM!! ~Jennica Flodin


Savannah has developed so much self-confidence as a dancer her first year at DIM. She is challenged, encouraged and accepted by all the fantastic instructors and incredible dancers. I love that she immediately felt at home at DIM and is treated like a member of the family in return. ~Cassandra Hutton


Our girls have been dancing at DIM for 2 years now and we couldn’t have asked for a better studio. Not only are the instructors amazing they make you feel like part of the family. My girls have grown so much since we started and we look forward to many more years at Dance in Motion ~Lori Taylor-Black


DIM was the best decision and change I have ever made! The instructors are the best of the best, and clearly love their job. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better studio, I’m going to miss it so much, and all of the amazing people there! ~Jessica Rasmussen


Having been a student and now a teacher at Dance in Motion, I do have to say I’ve never experienced anything like it! Dance in Motion is filled with Love, Passion and Dedication (students and teachers ). When I was a student I couldn’t have arrived any earlier than I ever did!   I couldn’t wait to get in there and learn from the amazing staff! Always so positive, helpful and caring! I felt like all the teachers were my 2nd mothers! The amount of work Dance in Motion puts into JUST ONE CHILD is insane! It made me want to come back over and over again until I couldn’t anymore (which is exactly what happened).

Having being a student of Dance in Motion, I can agree immensely that this is the place to grow. This is the place which makes you the dancer you want to be. When I speak of Dance in Motion I can only say good things.  No matter what anyone thinks or says Dance in Motion is one of a kind. No one will ever take that away! Now, stepping into the world as a teacher of Dance in Motion, I tear up thinking of the joy my students bring me, which I now understand why my teachers worked the way they did. They only want the best for their kids and the work I watch the other teachers put in, is beyond words! Dance in Motion has a legacy and each year the students grow more and more and live up to every expectation everyone wants them to 🙂 It’s incredible!  Between the passionate teachers and the determined students, it’s what creates Dance. It’s what Creates ‘ Dance in Motion’ it’s who we are and who we will always be. It’s the love of my life, I will never just say Dance is my love, but DANCE IN MOTION ITSELF. ♥ God bless Dance in Motion for being the way it is. The way the students and staff are :)- ~Danielle Tingley


Coming to Dance in Motion in my last year of high school was the best decision I’ve ever made. I felt welcomed as soon as I arrived. I never knew such passionate dancers and teachers existed. I genuinely felt like I was getting the best of the best training. DIM has ignited a fire for dance in me that will never be burned out. Positivity, love, patience, and confidence is the direction DIM has faced me in. I am so grateful for that. Thank you DIM.  ~Cassie Douglas


It’s truly one of a kind.  In my own situation, I noticed a huge change in my dancing when I started training at DIM. Both in my technique and in my performance, as though my passion for dance was being fuelled.  I was lucky to have experienced a very special and unique closeness and feeling of camaraderie with the group of dancers I shared the stage with while at DIM. It’s a time in my life I’ll never forget. As I watch vastly different generations of students come and go from DIM one thing is always the same; the students leave with more knowledge than they came with and take with them exceptional training. ~Jordan Allarie